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Muito bom, parabéns Magno :)

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Hoje a meia noite

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Tem que esperar uns 10 minutos

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Confira os albuns Completos Abaixo:

1) "Hard" - Alexsander de Sousa Nelson

1ª: Hard time
2ª: You and I in comics
3ª: Lost in my mind
4ª: Run to you
5ª: Mirror
6ª: Child's play
7ª: Until never more
8ª: Do not look for me
9ª: Like crazy
10ª: Bloodlust
11ª: Bright Star
12ª: There is forever

2)"Dinamite Fúnebre" - Ana Scatolin

1° Cova Sem Gravação
2° Provando Lágrimas e Alimentando Sofrimentos
3° Putas De Liquidação De Estoque Apodrecidas (Feat Marilyn Manson )
4° O Pó Das Gotas Que Refletiram a Estrela
5° Velando-se da Chama por Valer-se das Cinzas
6° Como Os Dias Sucedem As Noites
7° Entregue Por Suas Mãos Ao Sopro Do Amor
8°Almas Aprisionadas Por Manchas De Amor
9º O Mesmo Era Uma Vez (Com O Felizes Para Sempre Diferente) Feat Chad Kroeger
10°Acordes Duplos Flocais Intangíveis
11° A Voz dos Sentimentos aos Lábios Mortos Perfurados
12° Memórias Apunhaladas Ao Chão

Versão Deluxe acompanha:

13° Pop de Seios de Plástico
(Música para os Ouvidos não para os Olhos)
14°Rock de Apêndice
(Música para os Ouvidos e não para Inflar Egos Estúpidos)

4)"Here's to us " - Amanda Aparecida da Silva

1- Drink me
2- Here's to us feat. Evan Taubenfeld
3- Fuc* you
4- Colors all over my head
5- Side cut feat. Marilyn Manson
6- I see France, I see Paris
7- I'll spit on you
8- We rock feat. Adam Levine
9- Why didn't you want to marry me?
10- Your lost, buddy!
11- Give my nickelback
12- It's not a goodbye

5) "Half Incomplete" - Arthur Rodrigues Cury

1. Who Cares
2. Losing You
3. No Time to Say Goodbye
4. Hidden Soul
5. Not Myself
6. Down, down, down
7. True Lies
8. At The Bottom of You
9. Red Revenge
10. In-Complete
11. Jumpin’ screamin’ beatin’ (Bonus track)
12. Waving Hands (Bonus track)

6) "Forever " - Bárbara Pereira Campos

1ª : Forever
2ª : Today
3ª : How One Sin Sincere
4ª : One Way
5ª : We Go Fogelher
6ª : My Baby
7ª : Attention
8ª : She My Best Friend
9ª : Difficult
10ª : My Dream
11ª : Love
12ª : My Hero

7) "Avril Lavigne – Be Original" - Caroline Arci

1) Rock & Roll Domination feat. Chad Kroeger
2) F*ck posers
3) It’s About Inspiration
4) 2002 feat. Evan Taubenfeld
5) Polemics feat. Lindsay Lohan
6) Be Original
7) Can’t Stop Now
8) Must be magic
9) How you never see
10) No War
11) About Ties
12) Creative

8) "Powerful Voices " - Carolina Maria Bicalho

1º - What Matters Is You
2º - Let's Celebrate
3º - Find True Love
4º - You're Drunk,Men!
5º - Physical And Emotional Changes
6º - Where's the attitude?
7º - Dates Are Details
8º - Give Me A Drink
9º - Young Forever
10º - Is All Hypocrisy
11º - Personality Comes First
12º - Are U Happy?

Wait For The Right Moment (Hidden Track)

9) "No Matter Who You Are" - Carlos Eduardo Moraes

1ª Sweet Vampire
2ª Snow White feat. Taylor Momsey
3ª Abyss Break
4ª CrossFire
5ª Working Through Pain
6ª In Darkness Dwells
7ª Here's to Never Getting Old feat. Carly Rae Jepsen
8ª GoodBye Martin
9ª 1,5m feat. Hayley Williams
10ªMidNight feat. Taylor Swift
11ª No World For Tomorrow
12ª Dias de Follow, Dias de Unfollow part.Chorão (Hidden Track)

10)"Living Day" - Daniel Roesdes Bonfim

1ª my dream is you
2ºwith you everything is beautiful
3º I want you here
4º need you
5º stay with me
6ºcrazy kid
7ºmy way
8ºdo not wanna know
9ºyou do not know
10º under the bed
11ºForget me not
12º with you I'm going to infinity

11)"Just Believe" - Douglas Henrique Siqueira

1º - We Are Not Perfect
2º - Beyond Control
3º - Memoirs (feat. Demi Lovato)
4º - Noise
5º - I'm Going Crazy
6º - My Time Is Running Out
7º - Do Not Go
8º - Leech (feat. Chad Kroeger)
9º - I'ts My Turn
10º - Every Time try to Forget
11º - Triet To Convince Myself
12º - Just Believe

12) "Unfollowed" - Eduardo Fernandes Martins

01ª Excited
02ª The Rumors
03ª Vampire’s Song
05ª Deceived Again
06ª Back To Work
07ª Song About Us... and Her
08ª I'm Not Pregnant
10ª Faster
11ª Peter Pan
12ª Don't Give Up On Me

13) "Shut Up And Listen" - Felipe Campos de Sousa

01 - Shut up and listen
02 - Rollercoaster
03 - One life
04 - Choice
05 - I can only live away from you
06 - Kisses above mistakes
07 - Remakes me
08 - Alone but happy
09 - Decisions
10 - About love and other things
11 – Songs and tears
12 - Ended

14) "Neverland " - Francisco Emanuel Monteiro

1° Ruins Of Neverland (Intro) (Ruínas de Neverland)
2° The beginning of a revolution (O Começo de uma revolução).
3° As big as the boys, but as small as Napanee
(Tão grande quanto os garotos, mas pequena como Napanne).
4° Would you leave me alone in the big city?
(Você me deixaria sozinha na cidade grande?)
5° Sex, money and tears. (Sexo, dinheiro e lágrimas).
6° I'm moving on but I won't forget.
(Eu estou seguindo em frente, mas eu não vou esquecer).
7° I'm a unicorn you a zombie.
(Eu sou um unicórnio você um zumbi).
8° Conquest Of Universe (Conquista do Universo).
9° The party of the century (A Festa do século).
10° The best thing that ou have in your hands.
(A Melhor coisa que você terá em suas mãos).
11° Dear Peter. (Querido Peter).
12° Life is not a fantasy, there are no happy endings.
(A Vida não é uma fantasia, não há finais felizes).

15) "Hundred Skies" - Gabriela da Silva Oliveira

1 - When I Arrive
2 - Hundred Skies
3 - Missed Call
4 - Running Now
5 - Cold Fire
6- 1, 2, 3 go!
7 - I know I'm not
8 - Pink bag
9 - Those things
10 - Memories
11 - Hey
12 - Happy Stories

16) "Be Happy" - Gabriely Montovani

1ª - Another Blunder
2ª - Dear Diary....
3ª - Sweet Rock
4ª - Brazilian Fans
5ª - The Perfect Husband
6ª - Don't Forget Me
7ª - Keep Calm and live life
8ª - Live the Dreams
9ª - Too much love so far
10ª - So So Far
11ª - Boyfriend
12ª - Once upon a time a love

17) "Acord" - Gleica Rodrigues de Mattos

1- I let my nervous on a chessboard 2-Walking with the fear of losing you 3-memories never leave my head 4-Rebel yesterday, sorry tomorrow.
5-take happiness as you take a drink
6-Kiss me to death.
7-adolescence maneuvering on four wheels
8-30 years for abbey
9-near to the heart of god
10- since 2002
11- you played with me all the time
12- a piece of pizza before I die please

18) "Prisoner Of Freedom" - Guilherme Netto Gonçalves

1 - The beat bitch (feat Nick Minaj)
2 - Syndrome Peter
3 - Love Me Soberly
4 - Someone Who Values
5 - Freedom
6 - Dark Rhymes
7 - Fuc* Your Opinion
8 - Freak
9 - Come Out A Night (feat Evan Taubenfeld)
10 - Property Of Society (feat Adam Levine)
11 - The Reality Is A Prison
12 - 4U To Remember

19) "The Way You've Never Seen" - Gustavo Macedo

01- Paths of Stars
02- Abbey Dawn
03- On Fire
04- Incompatible
05- Fuck it
06- Increase the Sound
07- Crazy life
08- Best Moments
09- Remembering the Past
10- Dreaming of You
11- My Little Black Stars
12- Shouting to the World

20) "The Important Thing Is To Make It Worth" - Helena Viana

1- Fuck you (Foda-se ) – feat Paramore
2- Once you arrived (Quando você chegou) – feat Chad
3- All your dreams can come true
(Todos seus sonhos podem se tornar realidade )– feat Cassade Pope
4- As brothers ( Como irmãos ) – feat Evan
5- Living like a imortal (Vivendo como um imortal)
6- Rock is part of me (Rock é parte de mim)
7- Who is this bitch hello kitty (Quem é essa vadia de hello kitty )
8- Rediscovering me – Avril Lavigne feat Evanescence
9- How skate tricks (Como manobras de skate )
10- What is this fucking mature?
( o que é essa porra de amadurecimento? ) feat Hayley Williams
11- Violence is never the answer (Violência nunca é a resposta)
12- Seriously dude? (Sério cara?)

21) "In Our Dreams" - Hozana Pietra Sane

1-You're Perfect
2-All star on foot and skateboard in hand
3-Stupid girl
4- I Love Rock 'n' Roll
5-Because you're gone?
6- Story of my life
8-Never mind what do others say
9-In our dreams, fairy tales can come true
10-the life of a teenager
11-Let's celebrate
12-I only think of you

22) "Here We Come Again" - João Victor Fonseca

1) I'll Stop In Time
2) Yeah, You Hurt Me
3) This Whole Time Without You
4) My Dark Side
5) Silence
6) Lost Memories
7) My World Without Rules (feat. Hayley Williams)
8) Rain of Tears
9) My Lover Rocker (feat. Chad Kroeger)
10) This Is Not The Way
11) A Long Night
12) I Can See a New Black Star

23) "Avril's Army" - Jhonanthan Quintino

1. Be Yourself
2. Fuck Your Opinion (feat. Hayley Williams)
3. Stop The Guns
4. Make They Respect You
5. She is dead again (feat. Amy Lee)
6. Stupid Nation
7. Black & White Heart
8. Love Your Enemies
9. Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right
10. Like a Stranger In This World
11. Undead Like You
12. The Causeless War (feat. Billie Joe Armstrong)

24) "Exposed" - Jonas Juscelino Medeiros

1ª - The Rock inside me
2ª - Things about you
3ª - Just so ready
4ª - Lost in my feelings
5ª - Every breath I take
6ª - Almost Never
7ª - Out of sight
8ª - Three steps away from me
9ª - Exposed
10ª - Moments (I’ll never forget)
11ª - So near and so far
12ª - Another day after all

25) "Not To Forget Who I am" - Karla Patricia Morais

1. Heart beats fast
2. Again
3. I want you to stay
4. Nobody sees me
5. One steep closer
6. Face to face
7. You've always been here
8. How You Love Me Now
9. I can not go
10. Because I still like you?
11. Somehow it is not only
12. Not like to say goodbye

26) "The Emptiness" - Karina Viega

1ª - Early Mourning
2ª-Goodbye to you my love
3ª-You are scum!
4ª-Am I just paranoid?
5ª-Seals my fate
6ª-see you later boy
7ª-Estou em casa novamente
8ª-Blood drips from your eyes
9ª-Me diga
10ª-About some stupid guy
11ª-Just fade away
12ª-I'm a crazy bitch

27) "Born Under a Bad Sign" - Leonardo Ohnesorge

01: Go Your Own Way
02: Goodbye Stranger (Feat. Taylor Momsen)
03: Damaged
04: Dark Was the Night
05: Always on My Mind
06: My Bad (Feat. M. Shadows)
07: Tricks and Treats
08: Dead to Rights
09: I Don't Wanna Know
10: The Sun Also Rises
11: All Good Things... Must Come to an End
12: The Song Remains the Same

28) "Timeline" - Lígia Rayssa Figueirêdo

You're a mess
Everything's okay
Second life
Shout me out
Anything for you
Let me run

29) "Canada a Long Time Ago" - Lucas Leme

1 - Abbey Dawn Forever
2 - My Boyfriend, Chad feat. Chad Kroeger
3 - Princess of Rock'n'Roll feat. Evan Taubenfeld
4 - Knights of King
5 - Roller Coaster's Life
6 - Die to Martin Johnson
7 - The New Star of Darkness
8 - My Baby Will Wear "All Star" feat. Chad Kroeger
9 - Let's do a New Tattoo
10 - Heart of Diamond
11 - Ramona Was a Kid
12 - Girl of Dark feat. Kristen Stewart

30) "A New Time" - Lucas de Souza

1- Release Me (Libertar-Me)
2- Today Is the Day (Hoje É o Dia)
3- Revive (Renascer)
4- Within Four Walls ft Chad Kroeger (Entre Quatro Paredes)
5- My Best (Meu Melhor)
6- Opposite (Do Outro Lado)
7- Lose Control (Perder o Controle)
8- Just Shut Up (Apenas Cale a Boca)
9- The Future Is Now (O futuro É Agora)
10- In My Eyes (Em Meus Olhos)
11- Do Not Cry (Não Chore)
12- This Is Not The End ( Isto Não É o Fim)

31) "Canadian Girl" - Lucas Napolitano Tiengo

1ª - Forget the rules (Esqueça as regras)
2ª - You found me (Você me encontrou)
3ª - Owner of my own nose (Dona do meu próprio nariz)
4ª - Of all the problems, you was the solution (De todos os problemas, você foi a solução)
5ª - Live your moment (Viva seu momento)
6ª - Say yes to the New life (Diga sim para a nova vida)
7ª- All we are young (Todos nós somos jovens)
8ª - In the ballad, close your eyes (Na balada, feche seus olhos)
9ª - The same girl (A mesma garota)
10ª - Me, my self, to the world (Eu, eu mesma, para o mundo)
11ª- Hello canada (Olá Canadá)
12ª - Amazing life (Vida incrível)

32) "Pink Plaid Skull" - Luíza Buendia Takeshita
1- Heart of Gold
2- Can I Be Your Queen?
3- Bad Desire
4- Older Than What It Seems
5- A Long Time Ago
6- All My Lovers
7- No Longer A Princess (Featuring Taylor Momsen)
8- Lost Soul
9- When Pain Ends
10- Dreaming Awake
11- Sorrow
12- Next Step

33) "Everybody's Going Crazy" - Luíza Machado

1. Everybody's Going Crazy
2. We'll Stand Together
3. Stand Up and Scream
4. Ain't it beautiful?
5. Making a Living
6. Raige & Love
7. Let's Take a Break
8. All my Love is For You
9. Time Passed and I'm still here
10. You saved My Life
11. Show me Love from the Heart
12. There Will Never be an End

34)"Just My Way" - Mara Raquel de Almeida

1º: I don't care about you anymore.
2º: Nothing changed.
3º: Inspired by you.
4º: I'm the same.
5º: All I wanted
6º: Looking at you feat. Taylor Momsen.
7º: So fast.
8º: Falling sky.
9º: This time.
10º: Just my way.
11º: That secret feat. Hayley Williams.
12º: Understand.

35)"Craziness" - Marcelo Cruz Oliveira Santos

1- You're Gone I'm Home (você se foi, estou em "segura")
2- Keeping My Sanity (mantendo minha sanidade)
3- Somewhere Safe feat Chris Martin (em algum lugar seguro)
4- Craziness (loucura)
5- Breaking Down My Own Barriers (quebrando minhas próprias barreiras)
6- Let's Make It Works Together (vamos fazer isso funcionar juntos)
7- Grab Your Guitar (Let's Rock!) (pegue a sua guitarra, vamos agitar)
8- Getting Older feat P!nk (ficando mais velha)
9- Somewhere Safe (em algum lugar seguro)
10-My Dear Beloved (meu querido amado)
11-Clearing Impurities (limpando impurezas)
12-We Are One feat Green Day (nós somos um)

36)"The Danger Zone"- Matheus dos Santos Ferreira

You Make My Heart Beat Faster feat. Will.i.am
Here’s To never Growing Up
Be Yourself
It's Only Rock 'n' Roll
That's More Like It feat. Mac Miller
Only Makes me Love U More
F-r-i-i-i-i-i-ight feat. Tokio Hotel
The Danger Zone
Control Me feat. Bon Jovi
Doubt About It
Postcard feat. Johnny Rzeznik

37) "Hands Up and Come On " - Matheus Nascimento Costa

1ª- I Don't Care
2ª - Let's Go Get Away
3ª - Come On
4ª - Turn It Up
5ª - You Need Me Baby
6ª - Without You
7ª - Everything is Back
8ª - Welcome Again
9ª - I'm Not Like The Rest
10ª - Another Way
11ª - The Slightest Words You've Said
12ª - Rock 'N Roll Everybody

38) "My Essence " - Marieta Costa
1- Inside me (Dentro de mim)
2- My only option ( Minha única opção)
3- You missed it (Te deixei escapar)
4- Made the dark sky (Feito a escuridão do céu)
5- Lost control (Perdi o controle)
6-Alone in the crowd (Sozinha na multidão)
7- Was not as promised (Não foi como prometeu)
8- I be happy (Fui ser feliz)
9- My true identy (Minha verdadeira identidade)
10- Endless day (Interminável dia)
11- Strategy (Estratégia)
12- Stupid in love (Estúpida apaixonada)

39)"Identity" - Micael Balioni Eugenio

1º - Sky Lights
2º - Crazy Thoughts
3º - Identity
4º - Crystal Heart
5º - All Fun
6º - Boulevard Boy feat. Jason Mraz
7º - Unknown
8º - Firefly
9º - Near The Top
10º - Swimming In Gold
11º - Tatto feat. P!nk
12º - Everything Will Be Alright

40)"Infinity Exposed" - Patrícia Carrião Bianor

01. Numb The Pain
02. Searching For This Love
03. Dirty Feeling
04. Just Started
05. Silly Way
06. Breaking The Darkness
07. So Cautious
08. Place Like Heaven
09. Inmost
10. In My Soul (It's The Reason For)
11. Realize In The High Stars
12. Laughing Yet

41)"Secret Of Youth" - Raquel Catelan Martins Pereira

1-Secret of youth
2-I'm abbey dawn
3- I love to laugh
4- Deep down I'm still a tomboy feat Hayley Williams
5- Rock generation
6- Scroll with my skateboard
7-I'm still young
9- Picking up the pieces of my heart
10- Listening to rock eating pizza
11-I finally found my love feat. Chad Kroeger
12-Miss you Brazil

42) "The Death of Princess Guilt" - Renan Gustavo Dalmoro

1- Blow out
2- One Thousand and Two Weeks
3- Rosemary
4- (Hell Yeah) Princess Guilt
5- Your Sad Song
6- Orange
7- Je Ne Sais Pas Espoir (feat. Taylor Momsen)
8- Amplifier
9- I Hate To See You Right
10- Broken in a Cold
11- Suck Right There (feat. Skrillex and Ellie Goulding)
12- Grab Anyone's Fault

43)"Resumption"Renato Rodrigues

1 - Change
2 - Find Me
3 - Disagree
4 - Hard
5 - All You Need To Know ( 2º single )
6 - Cursed
7 - Spell On You
8 - Back Off ( 1º single )
9 - Scared
10 - Gloomy
11 - It´s Not me ( 3º single )
12 - Always By Your Side ( 4º single )

44) "Revivendo minha história " - Soliane Carvalho
Pra sempre ao seu lado
Meus fãs
Viajando pelo mundo
Pra onde vou?
To nem ai pra sua opinião
Casamento nem sempre é pra sempre
Novo amor
É melhor assim
Amo pizza, quero pizza

45)"Black Nails" - Suzane Albuquerque

1. I'm in charge here, man.
2. What's left?
3. Be damned the past.
4. When I see you again?
5. Not look back Feat. Justin Timberlake.
6. Shiver.
7. Not compare me.
8. If it not work, try again.
9. Childhood.
10. The right person.
11. I found you Feat.John Mayer.
12. Moving on.

46)"Anything But Ordinary" - Taylane Figueiredo Pollizi

1- Let's fuc*** with all 2- I'll never forget you 3- Hell Kitty
4- Make it real 5- Better days come on september 6- You're the only one 7- Little song, little love 8- Rock star
9- Crazy Bitch 10- Shake with the beat 11- I'll rock your heart 12- Stay

47) "All Your Dreams Come True" - Thayana Cristina Lodi

1ª - Into my world
2ª - Living without you feat. Evan Taubenfeld
3ª - Think Positive
4ª - How to Survive feat. Eminem
5ª - Give me all your love feat. Coldplay
6ª - Fuck
7ª - Some friends out there feat. Blink 182
8ª - Since always feat. Simple Plan
9ª - Excited
10ª - Share my love
11ª - The A Team feat. David Hodges & Chad Kroeger
12ª - This is my Way to Live

48)"Once Upon a Time" - Thiago Lamas da Silva

1.Once Upon a Time...
2.I Am
3.Not Anymore
4.Here You Are
5.These Four Walls
6.Nothing Here But You
9.Things I Told You So Many Times
11.We Just Have To Try

49)"Starting Point" - Victor Gabriel Leme

01ª - Restart
02ª - Never too late
03ª - Time machine
04ª - New beginnings
05ª - Protest
06ª - Daydreaming
07ª - Old West
08ª - And if
09ª - Love Story
10ª - My perfect world
11ª - Upgrad
12 ª- Stop Time

50"Game Amusement" - Wesley de Melo

1. Free Spirit
2. Good & Older Times
3. Game Amusement
4. Seventeen
5. About Of Us
6. Freak Bitch
7. Sweet Jungle (feat. Lady Gaga)
8. Vicious Circle
9. Bachelorette
10. We Are The Party (feat. Will.I.Am & Nicki Minaj)
11. Under Sunset
12. Flywheel small steep (Remix ft. MC federado)

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04 abril 2013 - 00:02

" Monte o 5º álbum da Avril Lavigne" Segunda Etapa
1 - "Hard" - Alexsander de Sousa Nelson
2- "Dinamite Fúnebre" - Ana Scatolin
4 - "Here's to us " - Amanda Aparecida da Silva
5 - "Half Incomplete" - Arthur Rodrigues Cury
6 - "Forever " - Bárbara Pereira Campos
7 - "Avril Lavigne – Be Original" - Caroline Arci
8 - "Powerful Voices " - Carolina Maria Bicalh
9 -"No Matter Who You Are" - Carlos Eduardo Moraes
10 - "Living Day" - Daniel Roesdes Bonfim
11 - "Just Believe" - Douglas Henrique Siqueira
12 - "Unfollowed" - Eduardo Fernandes Martins
13 - "Shut Up And Listen" - Felipe Campos de Sousa
14 - "Neverland " - Francisco Emanuel Monteiro
15 - "Hundred Skies" - Gabriela da Silva Oliveira
16 - "Be Happy" - Gabriely Montovani
17 - "Acord" - Gleica Rodrigues de Mattos
18 - "Prisoner Of Freedom" - Guilherme Netto Gonçalves
19 - "The Way You've Never Seen" - Gustavo Macedo
20 - "The Important Thing Is To Make It Worth" - Helena Viana
21 - "In Our Dreams" - Hozana Pietra Sane
22 - "Here We Come Again" - João Victor Fonseca
23 - "Avril's Army" - Jhonanthan Quintino
24 - "Exposed" - Jonas Juscelino Medeiros
25 - "Not To Forget Who I am" - Karla Patricia Morais
26 - "The Emptiness" - Karina Viega

Grupo 2
27 - "Born Under a Bad Sign" - Leonardo Ohnesorge
28 - "Timeline" - Lígia Rayssa Figueirêdo
29 - "Canada a Long Time Ago" - Lucas Leme
30 - "A New Time" - Lucas de Souza
31 - "Canadian Girl" - Lucas Napolitano Tiengo
32 - "Pink Plaid Skull" - Luíza Buendia Takeshita
33 - "Everybody's Going Crazy" - Luíza Machado p*nt*
34 - "Just My Way" - Mara Raquel de Almeida
35 - "Craziness" - Marcelo Cruz Oliveira Santos
36 - "The Danger Zone"- Matheus dos Santos Ferreira
37 - "Hands Up and Come On " - Matheus Nascimento Costa
38 - "My Essence " - Marieta Costa
39 - "Identity" - Micael Balioni Eugenio
40 - "Infinity Exposed" - Patrícia Carrião Bianor
41 - "Secret Of Youth" - Raquel Catelan Martins Pereira
42 - "The Death of Princess Guilt" - Renan Gustavo Dalmoro
43 - "Resumption"Renato Rodrigue
44 - "Revivendo minha história " - Soliane Carvalho
45 - "Black Nails" - Suzane Albuquerque
46 - "Anything But Ordinary" - Taylane Figueiredo Pollizi
47 - "All Your Dreams Come True" - Thayana Cristina Lodi
48 - "Once Upon a Time" - Thiago Lamas da Silv
49 - "Starting Point" - Victor Gabriel Leme
50 - "Game Amusement" - Wesley de Melo